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Analytics Engagement with Clayton Wahl Marketing

Our Marketing Analytics’ clients come to us for our specialty, a kind of Advanced Analytics (like AI) known as Predictive Analytics. Whereas most clients are familiar with the basic analytics they do, such as reporting (=descriptive analytics), they are unaware of the benefits of Predictive Analytics, so we do a workshop discovery session so they better understand how we could best help them.

Predictive Analytics uses the science of Econometrics (advanced statistics) to predict the future, answering questions such as: 

     •    How much would I have to spend on each marketing channel to double my sales next year?

     •    How many units of my product will I sell if I increase my marketing budget by 20%?

     •    Is there a way I can cut my overall marketing budget by making laser-focused changes while still maintaining my current revenue?

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Predictive Analytics is more sophisticated than any other kind of analytics and hence gives more powerful results, because it looks FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE.  Reporting & Descriptive Analytics only look BACKWARD and cannot provide future insights.

After our workshop discovery session, we create a plan for the next 60-90 days that will answer the client’s needs for projecting the future. We take their database, in whatever shape it is in, and we perform hygiene and enhancements to make it useful in the Predictive Analytics study. This process can take 2-6 weeks, depending on the amount of data gathering and analysis is needed. Once the database is complete, the client is ready to do any form of data-based marketing that they, or their advertising agency, might benefit from. 

Unlike our competitors, our team of Econometricians does all the Predictive Analysis on shore, thus eliminating misunderstandings, speeding up the process and providing more meaningful insights.  Our insights and recommendations are generally ready within 15 business days of the database completion. Our pricing is generally 40%-60% lower than our competition

For clients who want to determine how each medium and/or each geography performs in regard to leads or sales, we conduct a Multi-channel Attribution (MCO) study concurrently with the Predictive Analytics study.

Once the Predictive Analytics study is complete many of our clients ask us to build an Optimization Tool for their employees to use. This custom software builds in the Predictive Analytics’ insights mentioned above and allows marketers and other executives to do on-the-spot “What if…?” inquiries such as “If I increased marketing spend on just one product by 15% for three months in these mediums, what will the impact be on revenue?”

Let us know what your challenges are and we will custom-design solutions that meet your needs and budget.


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