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Dan Otto

Partner & Chief Scientist 

Dan has extensive experience in business, science, computers and engineering. He began his career in the aerospace industry and is a bona fide  rocket scientist. Dan has designed and developed comprehensive computer models and systems to assist firms in becoming more efficient and profitable in areas such as marketing, customer lifetime value, resource optimization, financial analysis, work flow and capacity, operations assessment, growth analysis, bonus distribution and compensation formulas. 

He has compiled this broad technical and business expertise into marketing econometrics and media mix optimizations. The most complex of this was a 1000 decision variable media mix optimization maximizing Customer Lifetime Value.  He has organized and managed project teams in many disciplines including engineering, finance, human resources, information technology and client relations. He has also program and project-managed multi-million-dollar budgets. 

Dan received an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and two BS degrees in chemical engineering and biochemistry from North Carolina State University.

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