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By Invitation Only

Who We Are

"By Invitation Only" is our proprietary warm-lead generation program designed for senior-level insurance agents and wealth management professionals.  It is powered by our 11,000 connection LinkedIn database of CEOs, Presidents, Owners & Founders of medium-size to global businesses. 

connecting on a personal level through Linkedin, customer lifetime value

What's in it for you:

•   We make connections with individuals who are your top targets on LinkedIn...connections that you currently do not have and who would be difficult, if not      impossible, for you to obtain.
•   We provide the personal introduction that opens doors for you.
•   We provide a professional recommendation, a warm introduction, that makes your first meeting much easier. 

•   We build up your LinkedIn database so that you will have a constant supply of high-quality connections. You set the target number you would like and you pay
    only for our time to obtain them.     

•  We set up meetings with these high-qualified prospects. BIO has been piloted, then rolled out, successfully by a major insurers (MassMutual) & a major financial
    services firm (Commonwealth Financial Network) as well as by an independent wealth management firm and a NY-based "million dollar plus listing"
    residential real estate firm. 

In fact, we have received approval to be an affiliate of the Commonwealth Alliance Program (CAP)